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All the persons who are passionate about the boxing are waiting for the thrilling match which will held between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto on the coming 5th of this month. The fight is for the marvelous Welterweight title. Everyone is waiting that who will win the title by showing their efforts because both are the popular boxers. Miguel, one of the known and powerful fighters who possess more energy and power as compared to that of Floyd will be in the ring after a long time with full energy and passion. Miguel has many fan followings as compared to Floyd and they are making predictions that Cotto will win the hearts of the audience by winning the title Mayweather vs Cotto on 5th May. On the other hand, there is also a sad truth that Miguel can fall down in front of the accurate unorthodox punching power and fast speed of Floyd Mayweather even at an age of 35 Years.

Also there are many people who are very much confident about the Cotto and make bets that he will make the day and will definitely win the match. But also, if you will not make predictions and take in view point the facts and the details about the Floyd you will come to know that it is almost impossible for the Floyd Mayweather to lose this match because he has a very good history and also have many fan followings. As per the previous graphs and reports, Miguel was many times beaten by the famous Pacquiao. Many have make predictions that anyone can beat Cotto with their precise and fast punches. Moreover, it is also true that Floyd is bit slower than that of the Pacquiao still he give harder hits and this will automatically create more problem in the ring for Miguel.

Everyone is waiting for the fight as both the players have finished their fight training. Also the venue place at Las Vegas is ready for the fabulous and thrilling fight show after the huge amount of investment to ready the place. There is hardly a time left for the live match. Many people have book there tickets in advance and other will enjoy the show at their home by watching the live telecast at no amount. To watch the live match at your home without any breaks and interruptions you just need your personal computer and fast speed internet connection and the complete fun will be in front of you.

If you don’t buy the tickets of the show you can easily watch the live Mayweather vs Cotto online.

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Mayweather practicing with stronger fighters to compete with Cotto

The popular fight of Mayweather vs Cotto will be held on 5th May and it is not at all surprising that the bookmakers are making Mayweather favorite in their words. Mayweather has won many fights and due to this reason he has a big fan followings but in any of the game if a person thought that he might lose the game, in those situations he finally end up with winning. This is the main reason that people usually doesn’t make bet against Mayweather. But no one was aware that, whether Cotto is the man who will beat him in the fight.

As per the Bovada, one of the best online bookmakers has mentioned that Cotto is on +450 whereas Mayweather is on -700 on the other hand. May be this will change but it is not sure by how much. So, it has been suggested that if you want to make bet on the stunning fight of Mayweather vs Cotto it is better to first consult the Bovada because it is the only medium to get to know more about the betting odds.

It is also true that the odds can be change as we judge the fight from more closely depending upon the fight but one must be sure that who will win the match to make the bet because if Mayweather is a favorite among his fans and the Cotto is a heavy dog to take the challenge. It has been suggested by many o the viewers that its better if you make you make a bet in favor of Cotto because he has defeated Margarito in his last fight match. According to the graphs, if you will take the risk remaining in favor of Mayweather you will win less as compared to if you take risk on Cotto you will win more amounts. So, it might be good if you make you bet this time on Cotto.

But to defeat the Cotto, Mayweather is doing practice with popular fighters namely J’Leon Love, Cuban-American amateur Luis Arias, Omar Henry and Bastie Samir. These are the popular and daring fighters who never defeated in the matches. To train Mayweather, these guys are giving different challenges to him so that he will work hard for the tournament. The Mayweather vs Cotto fight is on the tongue of all the wrestling lovers and has become the high profile event of the month of May, 2012.

For the preparation of Mayweather vs Cotto fight, both the players are working hard because both are the talented fighters.

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